Simplero as your Subscription Solution

Simplero is a very popular subscription system, and with reason. Most of our members actually use Simplero, and we do too in SignUp Academy.

What Kind of System is Simplero?

What kind of system is Simplero, who is the target audience, what can it do and what are the limitations? These are some of the questions I will do my best to answer in the following.

Although Simplero is now headquartered in New York and has won widespread recognition in the United States in particular, the system was actually founded in 2008 by a Dane: Calvin Correll. Calvin’s vision was to create a system that raises awareness in the world and creates more freedom. Initially to oneself, but rapidly also to others.

The system was intended for coaches who are on a mission and who, through learning, raise the awareness of their clients. Today, Simplero is used by many different types of companies.

What is Simplero?

Simplero, in short, is an all-in-one software for online entrepreneurs. That is, a kind of Swiss Army knife where a lot of different functionalities are gathered in one place. You can choose from three packages:

  • Build This is not relevant in this context as it cannot handle subscriptions
  • Launch where you can manage your memberships on one membership page as well as up to five products
  • Rule the World where you can manage an infinite number of member sites and products as well as create upsells.

Features of Simplero

Basically, Simplero offers you the following:

  • Managing your sales of services, memberships and products
  • Managing your payments via Stripe and other payment systems
  • Ability to set up a website including a blog with comments, as well as developing landing pages.
  • Email marketing including setting up trigger email flows
  • Forms and popups
  • Development of automated online flows with the delivery of digital content such as online courses and step-by-step guides
  • Creating affiliate sales including showing your sales and the commission earned
  • Access to CRM data and statics. For example, you can see what each customer/member has done in relation to the emails sent – how many have been opened.

The total “package” of functions is quite large and for many it is easier to have it all in one system. After all, the alternative is to invest in a lot of different systems that need to be integrated with each other. It can easily become both time-consuming and expensive.

Simplero looks relatively simple on the surface but make no mistake: the built-in automatics and the interaction between the various functions mean that you have an advanced and strong system at your disposal. A system that you can really boost and scale your subscription business with.

Limitations of the System

As can be seen above, Simplero can do a lot. However, like all other systems, it also has some limits:

  • Simplero is not a webshop system and therefore has no shopping cart. You can sell products, but your customers have to buy and pay one product at a time. They do not have the ability to add multiple products or quantities to the basket at the same time.
  • Many, including ourselves, use a different system for the website. Often, WordPress is chosen, as it plays well with Simplero. WordPress is very flexible when it comes to creating websites. The same applies to the forum, where we have chosen to use Facebook groups and later an onsite forum, instead of using the forum that Simplero has built in.
  • There are some great statistics features. For example, how well you manage to convert your leads into sales and what the average customer life time value is. However, if you are a subscription freak you will definitely be missing some key figures. As well as the possibility of being able to see the key figures for selected periods.

Great Customer Service

Simplero is known for having a really good customer service that is quick to respond and provides a competent customer service. It is no coincidence that among the company’s eight core values are “Service” and “Love”. At the same time, as mentioned above, you have the opportunity to purchase VIP service in the form of congierce hours, to help with technical issues.

Even though Simplero is today an international brand, you can easily get invoices with VAT and everything that meets Danish legislation – and many countries legislations. GDPR has also been considered according to European rules in Simplero. Both things are a big plus for us Danes.

And then, of course, there is no binding on a subscription to Simplero. I usually say that if a company feels it necessary to bind its customers/members, it is because their product or service is not good enough! That’s not the case here.

Simplero Discount

If you become a member of SignUp Academy Club, you get access to unique member offers on Simplero. If you become a new Simplero user, you as a member can save several thousand Danish kroner ex VAT by subscribing to Simplero. If you are already a Simplero user, the savings are even greater.

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