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Behind SignUp Academy are Mette Fruensgaard and Andreas Dirksen who are both passionate subscription enthusiasts.

More than 20 years of hands-on experience in creating successful subscription businesses, combined with educations such as resp. cand. jur. and cand. oecon. gives an academic, strategic and operational approach to creating, developing and scaling successful businesses.

And yes, we are also a married couple who love to inspire. At SignUp Academy, we have a real “Power Team” behind us and are in rapid growth and development.


Andreas Dirksen

Andreas Dirksen

Co-Founder & CEO

Tel: +45 31 13 95 80

Mette Fruensgaard

Mette Fruensgaard

Co-Founder & COO

Tel: +45 22 58 21 05



"SunsetPLUS is booming ?? - our subscription business. Andreas Dirksen's assistance and inspiration along the way have been invaluable ?."

Jens Broch, CEO, Sunset Boulevard



"Andreas is undoubtedly the individual in Denmark with the most knowledge and experience concerning subscription concepts, and he is also an incredibly friendly and pleasant person."

Benjamin Gundgaard, #1 International Bestseller, E-commerce Expert, Speaker, and Founder of CustomerSense



"We run something called Klub Vollmer, which is Denmark's largest cooking school, and it operates on a subscription basis. We thought we were doing everything right until we got in touch with SignUp Academy. We were just stumbling beginners, and that's when having someone to bounce ideas off of becomes really valuable. We've been at it for a while - we started in 2017 - but the biggest leap forward actually happened after connecting with Andreas and SignUp Academy. Now, we are much clearer on the path we need to take and how to do it. We highly recommend SignUp Academy."

Annette Heick and Jesper Vollmer, Founders, Klub Vollmer



“In creating Supertrends Institute as a global, membership community and a digital, Future-as-a-Service platform we chose SignUp Academy as our preferred advisor and partner. We have from SignUp Academy over more than six month received exceptional guidance and value. Guidance and help always based on our unique situation, and on exactly where we were in our development journey of our new subscription business model. SignUp Academy have our warmest recommendations.”

Jens Hansen, CoFounder & CEO, Supertrends Institute AG, Switzerland.



"With a focus on the development and optimization of Haandvaerker.dk, Andreas delivered an engaging and enlightening two-day workshop. I can wholeheartedly recommend Andreas and SignUp Academy to other companies that operate a subscription business."

Simon Klug, CEO, Prisberegning.dk og Håndværker.dk



”Andreas and SignUp Academy did a great job in opening our eyes to the subscription world. We loved the hands on approach, and are now well under way to create two different subscription models appealing to our global clientele"

Thomas Frisenberg, Managing Director, Esoft Vietnam



"My journey with SignUp Academy and Andreas Dirksen was a game-changer for my business. Andreas viewed my business in an entirely new light, which contributed to taking it to the next level. Andreas is incredibly pleasant, trustworthy, reliable, and not least, a delightful North Jutlander. ? He knows how to put the customer at the center, making you feel special. Thank you, Andreas! I will always recommend (and already have) SignUp Academy and Andreas Dirksen."

Benedicte Engels, founder, Kvindernes Bilmagasin og Female Drivers Club



"Andreas generously shared his extensive knowledge about benefit clubs. I highly recommend having a visit from Andreas Dirksen."

Hans-Christian Kock, Commercial Director, Kristeligt Dagblad



"In addition to being perhaps the most experienced individual in Denmark within subscription businesses, Andreas is also incredibly empathetic and has an ability to captivate people with his personality."

Micky Weis, Digital Strategist & Consultant



"Andreas's extensive experiences within subscription services make him almost an oracle who can answer anything. He is brilliantly sharp and very pleasant to be around, which is why I can only give him my warmest recommendations."

Dr. Imran Rashid, Keynote speaker & bestselling Author



”Det var rart at snakke med en ekspert. At få at vide “det er sådan her man gør!” fra en som har stor erfaring ikke mindst fra egen business og som har fingeren på pulsen, ved hvad der virker og ikke virker. I stedet for at jeg skal bruge tid på at lære det selv. En kæmpe tidsbesparelse.”

Laura Grubb, CEO & Founder, Lauragrubb.dk



”Abonnementskongen eller Subscription Expert - du kan vælge titlen. Andreas har hjulpet et utal af både iværksættere og vækstvirksomheder med at skabe en succes”

Cristian Willum, Vinderstrateg & Trusted Advisor



"In addition to his strong competencies, Andreas is a fantastic guy who remains down-to-earth despite his achievements. I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendations to Andreas!"

Marco Gam, Founder & Partner, ConMedia ApS



"Andreas has his finger on the pulse when it comes to engaging members and creating value, and he is also an exceptionally skilled facilitator who comes well-prepared."

Lone Borg, Business Manager, Business Aalborg



"It's remarkable how quickly Andreas can grasp one's situation. He gets straight to the point - both concerning advantages and the crucial pitfalls. With his vast knowledge, he manages to chart a course that strengthens belief in one's project. Highly recommended for anyone with a subscription business in mind."

Henrik Mathiasen, Speaker, founder og CEO, Optimisten



”Vi havde fornøjelsen af Andreas til en inspirationsdag, hvor vi både blev inspireret af hans egen imponerende historie, men også måden han udfordrede os på.

Jesper Wengel, Direktør, Frie Funktionærer



"A fantastic little subscription bible with great tips, all duly noted. I'm even more excited about going ALL IN on subscription solutions."

Kristin Assaad, Founder & CEO, LegalUp


"The program has suited me SO perfectly.

Clear messages, straightforward tasks, only relevant and useful input - and time to reflect and prioritize the task before the next one arrives. Many thanks for the inspiration, input, guidance, and a motivating program."

Jytte Bille, Founder & CEO, Stai



”Andreas er en fantastisk ressource som hjælper dig med at finde retning, skærper dit budskab og får din virksomhed til at blomstre. Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Andreas og hans ekspertise.”

Klaus Jørgensen, CEO & Founder, Juviva Fysio



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