Prelaunch your Subscription Business

Prelaunch your subscription business and start generating leads even before you start your business – This makes a lot of sense.

The purpose of the prelaunch is:

  • Making potential members aware of your business
  • Making them interested in becoming members of your subscription business
  • To activate them and keep them interested so they sign up the day you launch your subscription business

Prelauch your Subscription Business Using these 9 Steps

To complete a successful prelaunch campaign for your subscription business, there are a number of steps that you can usefully follow.

  1. Decide what action you want. Do you want the future members to pay for the membership upfront, just like with crowdfunding campaigns? Do you want them to pay a deposit like Elon Musk has great success with when customers are ordering a new Tesla? Or do you want them to sign up to a membership on the day you open the doors of your subscription shop? Most prelaunch campaigns have the latter as the goal.
  2. Plan your prelaunch campaign well in advance. All other things being equal, the better you get a handle on the processes, the more members your campaign will convert. But make sure that the prelaunch campaign period itself does not become too long, to avoid it is too demanding to keep the leads active – and still interested in your membership.
  3. Know your customer type. Once you have chosen your customer type and then start targeting the selected customer type, you will get more members and retain them for longer. At the same time, you will end up having a great guideline for your marketing and communication, knowing exactly which channels to use, what words to choose for your campaigns, how your images should look, etc.
  4. Prepare campaign materials. Once your customer type is selected, as mentioned above, it is easy for you to prepare photos, video, banners, texts, graphics, etc., in order to capture your target audience spot on. In this way, you convert and retain as many members as possible using your prelaunch campaign.
  5. Develop a landing page. A landing page is a web page to where you would like to direct your future members in through your ads. The landing page should be super simple and have only one purpose: to get the potential members to do excactly what you want them to do. For example, to sign up for your newsletter.
  6. Choose your bait. To get the potential members to do the desired action on your landing page, you need to create an incentive for them to do so. Of course, it may simply consist of the desire to be notified when you launch your new subscription business. But often a freebee in the form of a free e-book or a discount code will be useful to create a greater conversion rate. Preferably combined with a degree of exclusivity or urgency, so the offer is only valid for the first xxx who sign up or only until a certain date.
  7. Use the right marketing channels, that talks to the customer you are targeting. Also remember to aim for the people you already have a relationship with and who might be interested in your new subscription business. This could be those who are already on your email list, those who follow you on LinkedIn or other SoMe channels, visitors to your website, those who have previously purchased from you, etc.
  8. Keep the dialogue. Once the potential members have signed up for your newsletter or joined your closed campaign group, it is important to keep these leads warm. That is, making sure that they are still interested in becoming members of your upcoming subscription business. You can do this by continuously showing them how far along you are, involving them in the development by asking them about different things, showing them sneak peak features, etc. If your leads get cold before launching, your prelaunch campaign has failed.
  9. Create conversions. 3..2..1..GO. Now it’s happening – you’re launching your new subscription’s business. Hopefully, from day one, you have a lot of people who have been waiting with longing for this moment and who are converting to become members. If so, you’ve completed a successful prelaunch campaign, which let you to a flying start of your business. Volume is the key to success in most subscription businesses, so with a an auspicious position in the beginning, you’ve created the best foundation for huge success for your subscription business. Prelaunch your subscription business and succeed faster!

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