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Seek help and counsel from Andreas Dirksen, the Subscription King, with 50+ companies in his portfolio and founder of the first major advantage club in Denmark, Plusbog.dk.

Winner of Børsen’s Gazelle Award in 2012, included in Krak’s Blue Book in 2017 and author of the book Sign Up, published end of August 2019 by People’s Press.



”Andreas is undoubtedly the person in Denmark with the greatest knowledge and experience in subscription concepts, and he is furthermore a very sympathetic and pleasant person.”

Benjamin Gundgaard, #1 International Bestseller, E-commerce Expert, Speaker, and Founder of CustomerSense



“Andreas happily shared his great knowledge of advantage clubs. I highly recommend a visit from Andreas Dirksen.”

Hans-Christian Kock, Commercial Director, Kristelig Dagblad



“Besides being probably the most experienced in subscription business in Denmark, Andreas is also incredibly empathetic, and has an ability to draw you in with his personality.”

Micky Weis, Digital Strategist & Consultant



”Andreas’ great experience in subscription services almost makes him an oracle, who has an answer to everything. He has a keen mind and is very comfortable to be with, so I can only give him my best recommendations.”

Dr. Imran Rashid, Keynote Speaker & bestselling Author



”Besides strong skills, Andreas is a great guy who keeps both feet firmly on the ground, despite what he has achieved. I hereby give Andreas my warmest recommendations!”

Marco Gam, Founder & Partner, ConMedia ApS



”Andreas has his finger on the pulse of the business when it comes to engaging members and creating value, and he is also a really talented and always well prepared facilitator.”

Lone Borg, Business Manager, Business Aalborg



”We had the pleasure of Andreas at an Inspiration Day, where we were both inspired by his own impressive story, but also the way he challenged us.”

Jesper Wengel, Director, Frie Funktionærer



”Subscription King or Expert – you choose. Andreas has helped a countless number of entrepreneurs and startup businesses to reach success.”

Cristian Willum, Winner Strategist & Trusted Advisor

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